Recommended Dental Practices

The importance of dentist practices cannot be understated. Because dental practices are required to be carried out, and that’s by law. The law states that the dentist should produce and maintain patient records to make sure that the clients are well served. Failure to do this it can result in too many risks and liabilities. Besides, the law states that a dentist should keep customer records for a particular time. The kennewick dentists are the ideal people to ask all questions pertaining to the dental health.

A clear and organized dental record is one of the most important practices that the dentist are supposed to carry out. Moreover, the records can also be useful in some cases for example when the client is suing the dentist for negligence the dentist can use the dental record to defend himself. The following are the recommended practices that a dentist should carry out.

Carefully make sure that the client’s record has no mistakes

gfgfgfgfgfnvcThe law states that you should never delete, erase or white out the entries that are in a customer’s records. Also, never leave a blank line with the intention that you will fill them late. It may seem as not a dangerous thing, but the result can cause a significant problem. If you have to erase something of the customer’s record a dentist should just draw a single line through it and date. In the case of blanks space, they should be filled, and blank spaces should never be left out.

Document when a client refuses to take any medication

When a dentist recommended that an action to be taken he should have clear reason as to why. When a customer refuses particular treatment, the dentist should record that the client has rejected the treatment, and the reason they have given for refusing. The dentist should state why the procedure should be carried out and the consequences of not. Then the dentist should go ahead and make the consequences of not performing the procedure known to the client.

The dentist should proofread the entries

After the consultation, the dentist should read the entries to make sure that all that is entered in the document is correct. Human is to error, and the dentist is human he can also make mistakes the only way to rectify this mistake is by proofreading.


kjmnvxzsNo client will be happy when they notice that their privacy is not respected. The patient record should be private, and the dentist should use a blank cover to protect the client’s record from the public. Additionally, any confidential documents should be label as such and kept in a safe place from wondering eyes.