Is Climate Change Making Allergies Worse

The type of weather that has been witnessed in the last few years could be responsible for increased allergy symptoms? For instance, during winter, there is a lot of snow, which is followed by warm weather, mod spewing, and pollen. Nowadays, allergy testing and natural treatments are available at naturopathic medicine centers across the country. If your family suffers from seasonal allergies, you should consult a naturopathic doctor.

Scientific studies

Recent studies by USDA termed as Proceedings ohnkmb3we5dt62ye7u28f National Academy of Sciences revealed a link between pollen and warming temperatures. In this research, a ragweed was used as a trial plant. It was discovered that during such weather, it extended its pollen season for more than 25 days. This is attributed to winter season starting late and ending quite early. This gives pollen-bearing plants an extended period to produce allergens. Several other studies point to similar findings.

Allergy seasons continue to become more difficult and longer to bear than before. If you suffer seasonal allergies, you may have realized this. For instance, during the summer, you will experience red, itchy eyes, post-nasal drips, and sneezing. In fact, warm weather continues to turn seasonal allergies into year-round allergies.

Airborne pollen

This is a common culprit for such symptoms. In medical, it is known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. The problem with this condition is that it brings a host of several problems to asthma suffers. In this case, they witness several attacks during the warm weather. They can also be life-threatening in certain circumstances. It is estimated that over 10 million people across the country suffer from allergy-driven asthma.

Natural allergy treatments

Nowadays, you can access natural allergy treatments at various naturopathic medical centers. There are oral treatments, which can be placed beneath the tongue. Moreover, proper diet is known to help eliminate allergy symptoms and even eliminate it. You need to check with your naturopathic center.

Most pollen, wjmkb52w3red5t26wy7u2hich causes allergy symptoms comes from grasses, weeds, and trees. Tree pollen is the main problem during spring. Fall and late summer dominate airways with pollen. It is necessary to have allergy testing to determine what causes seasonal allergy symptoms.

Recent studies continue to connect climate change to severe allergy seasons. The change results in more pollen for the extended time frame. It is a fact that hay fever is now longer lasting and more prominent than few decades ago. Thunderstorms have a direct link to the increased allergy cases. This is believed to be caused by dust and pollen disturbed by the storm.