Importance Of Sleep And Sleeping Stages

Sleeping helps you to refresh and rejuvenate. There are several benefits associated with sleep but how much you need to sleep determines the effects though. Experts also recommend that you sleep on a good sleeping posture. Your bed position, mattress, and pillows determine you sleeping posture. Researchers have determined that there are distinct sleeping stages that a person goes through when they get a full night rest. Each sleep cycles uniquely benefits you. These stages are the Rapid Eye Movement and non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Non REM is the stage that sleep starts with. It is involved with four different stages, and each stage is associated with its benefits.

Different sleeping stages

1. The first stage of the non-REM stage

The beginning stage is where you lie down and close your eyes. Here your brain begins to ramp down activity, and it slowly starts the process of shifting the body into sleep mode. Although the person is still alert of any things that can awaken him. This is the part that lasts for a very short time.ryugfhgdtr

2. The period of light sleep

This is where the body finalizes the process of falling asleep, and it starts to get ready for deep sleep. The body performs some functions that include repairing of tissues, recharging energy and immune systems and construction of bones and muscle mass. The body is relaxed and capable to solve little health issues. This is followed by two stages that involve very deep sleep.

3. Delta sleep

Following light sleep, this is a very deep sleep which is believed to cause most health issues when going through. These two stages are where deep sleep occurs before REM. This was when the brain wave activity recorded while studying people during this stage; the body is fully into a deep sleep. If you try to wake someone up during sleep at these stages, it is difficult, and the person will take a while to be fully awake if aroused during either of these stages of sleep.

4. The REM sleep

This is a sleep stage that that happens when a person has been in a deep sleep for a long time of about an hour and a half to two hours. It occurs for several minutes and then the body shifts to deep sleep. The body then shifts back to REM stage again later and takes a longer period. This pattern happens for several times during an 8-hour rest. Researchers found out that the brain activity during REM period is almost as active as when a person is awake. This is where most of our dreams happen.

5. Cycles of REM and non-REM

wertryhreTo have an effective cycle between REM and non-REM, we must have enough time for sleep. If we miss this stages of sleep, the sleep is less restful, and we may suffer an increased risk of different health issues either physically or mentally. When you want to have a good sleep, it is important to have a look at the lifestyle, exercise and our diet and other factors that may affect our sleep. Therefore, during sleep, very vital tasks happen in our body. At some stages of our sleep, the body rebuilds to maintain good health