Common Types Of Lung Diseases

Lung diseases are oldest known afflictions that affect millions of people around the world. In fact, these types of conditions have a negative impact on one’s breathing, which is a primary life function. They are known to cause adverse obstructions on a person’s day to day activities. Nowadays, there are lung specialists that are trained to diagnose and detect different kinds of lung diseases. Some of the common that are known to human kind are detailed below.

Lung diseases

The Airwayshnkmb2w5edr52w76u237u82

The windpipe or airways is a passageway for the air to reach the lungs. Some of the common ailments that affect airways include COPD, asthma, Cystic fibrosis, Emphysema, and Bronchitis. You should note that asthma is inflammation of airways. Some of its known symptoms include spasms, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing.

Pollution and allergies are some of the top triggers that cause asthma. COPD causes difficulty in exhalation as a result of different factors. You need to take this condition seriously by taking into the attention of Lung Specialist. This is because its symptoms are similar to ones exhibited by bronchitis. On the other hand, fibrosis is a situation when the system develops problems during clearance of mucus. This leads to frequent infections.

Air Sacs

These are different branches of airways end also known as Alveoli. They are critical parts of the human respiratory system. This is because they are the platform where oxygen exchange occurs. Some of the ailments that have an effect on lungs and need examination by Lung specialist are Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, and Pulmonary Edema.

You should note that bacterial infection of air sacs causes pneumonia. If left untreated, it can cause death, particularly in infants. The other infection of Alveoli is tuberculosis. It is also associated with a high number of deaths. Other than affecting airways, it can affect air sacs, particularly connections between them.

Lung cancer will at the end affect every part of the lungs. However, it starts at the air sacs. ARDS can be defined as severe damages and injuries that occur in the lungs.

Chest Wall

Chest wallgnhv42ews4xr52t6 expands and contracts by breathing rhythms. This disease causes weight gain making expansion and contraction difficult. This is also attributed to improper nerve functioning that controls respiratory muscles.

The above lung diseases affect the smooth functioning of an individual’s life activities. They also affect lungs. Moreover, they prove to be life-threatening in case they are untreated. If you experience difficulty in breathing, you need to consult a Lung specialist.