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Bicycles for the Biking Enthusiasts


Biking is often used as a form of a physical fitness activity. Biking enthusiasts would always find time to make it a habit that this type of activity is embedded to their lifestyle. Before motorcycles were invented, bicycles were used as a means of transportation. Nowadays, it is still used as part of a commuting vehicle, but it is also used as one of the healthy means of keeping fit. In fact, when you commute to work, school, and the nearest grocery store using bicycles not only are you exercising, but you are helping save the Earth by not emitting gas.

There are actually different kinds of bike that any individual can purchase. It would depend on whether you are a beginner, an expert, or you are into bike racing and the like. If you are planning to purchase a bicycle, make sure you have already gauged your expertise. You must also take into consideration if you will be using such vehicle to commute or for exercising or for off-road biking.

To know more, here are some lists of bicycles that will give you an idea what to purchase and for what purpose:

Bikes for Beginners

22mmnbndfnIf you are a newbie, there are actually bicycles available for beginners that specifically caters to your level of expertise. There are two common options. These two are what most beginners would consider buying depending on if the bike would suit them or not.

The first is the hybrid bikes. This type of bike is not only used for commuting, but for other recreational activities as well. Therefore, if you are planning to use your vehicle not only for commuting but for exercising, you can get this bike instead. They have several options: trekking bike, cross bike, commuter bike, city bike and a comfort bike.

The second most common option is the fixed gear bikes for beginners. This type of bike has a gear that is attached to its rear wheel. Most often they do not have brakes. But some riders would opt to add it once they bought it. The bike’s speed is controlled by how fast you can pedal. There are only two versions of this type of bike. They are track fixed gear bikes, and road fixed gear bikes.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are considered the latest innovation of bicycles. It is actually very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. These bikes are not only used for commuting, but for traveling and touring. The reason why they are popular because of its carry on ability. You might probably notice a commuter upon exiting the train, unfolds the bike and pedals towards its destination. Another advantage is if you are at home, you can just fold the bike and store them in your closet. No need to see your bike, taking up space in your house.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes are bicycles that have an integrated electric motor that is used for propulsion. It is actually like a motorcycle, but instead of using gas as fuel, there is an electric battery infused in it. Once the power runs out, you can just use its pedal to provide movement.33.cnbmnflkj

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are often used by bikers who are already an expert in maneuvering bicycles. Bicycle enthusiasts use this type of bicycle if they want to have some off-road experience.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are often used if you are road riding or using bike paths. Most often they are a lot cheaper than compared to other bikes. Hence, some people would opt for this bike.

With these lists of bicycles, it will surely give you an idea what is the best fit for you.