Astral Projection Guide

Astral projection is conscious sleep, for example when you start to fall asleep and you happen to wake up before it occurs you can feel your soul coming back into the physical body. At this point, you feel like you are going to fall. When you feel like your head is exploding that the first step to starting astral travel. You feel pressure in your brain, and your body starts to feel a stinging sensation. Online Psychic will help you better experience the astral projection. Then the whole body becomes flabby; your soul leaves the body after a short while; this will happen if only you can control it.

Best tips

Guide to experiencing an Astral projection

This may sound crazy to some, but it’s real. There are hundreds of techniques of experiencing astral travel. Some ghhghghghmay work, and some may not work for others. If one method doesn’t work for you, I would advise you to try others. The rope technique is the most effective.

Step 1: Relax

Relax your body and mind. Perform a series of very deep breaths. Breath in and out, do it slowly. Take in deep breaths and ensure your breaths are not shallow. Perform a good body relaxation like meditation.

Step 2: Enter a hypotonic state

After your body and mind are fully relaxed, enter a hypotonic state where your mind is about to get asleep. Lie down and focus on one object. Focus on it until you can see it in your mind even with your eyes closed. Enter a deep state of relaxation with your eyes closed. Gaze into the darkness and after a few seconds, you will see light patterns appear to your eyes.

Step 3: Enter a state of vibrations

bvxzwqdfbThis is the most important step. It may take longer if it is your first time to try this. When you start to experience vibrations, your astral body is now leaving your 3D physical body. Allow it to happen and feel the vibrations.

Feel the vibrations as they happen all over your body. Use your strength of mind to control them. Try to monitor the rate of vibrations as well as starting and stopping them. Once you are capable of controlling them and you are sure you can start them when needed, then proceed to step

Step 4: Make the assumption of an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling